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Cathy and her mom


Spice Monkey Bakery is the culmination of the baker’s lifelong experience with crafting and sharing exceptional home cooking. The journey started when our baker, Cathy, was just a child: her mother—a wonderful cook herself—could make great tasting food and her aunt could create exceptionally beautiful pie crusts. Learning from both, Cathy soon found herself in charge of making pies for all of the family gatherings.

Over time, Cathy’s interest in cooking continued to expand: raising a family, she learned how to bake delicious homemade cookies (and started to impart her knowledge of making delicious pies to her children, pictures of which often show them covered in flour). Once her children grew up and moved on, Cathy came to realize that she had a real passion for cooking; a passion that in 2008 she turned into Spice Monkey Bakery!

In case you’re wondering (and how can you not be?), the name comes from Cathy’s daughter Sarah:  while restoring a farm that the family purchased, Sarah dreamed of spice monkeys. The plan was to use the name for the farm, but when Cathy decided to start a bakery her daughter suggested that the name be Spice Monkey Bakery and the rest is history!

That first year, she and her daughter baked some 28 pies. Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include an assortment of cookies, and seasonal offerings. Beyond these things, we set aside a space for the other yummy stuff we make, which includes our out-of-this-world chocolate cake truffle.

We cater events for our clients if you are looking for something more than the best snacks and desserts that you have ever had.

Please look through the site and contact us if you would like to place an order or ask us a question!

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